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It was Saturday 11th December 2004 at approximately 11.30 pm when God spoke to me very definitely about visiting elderly, single, needy people in our area with a gift for Christmas. The next day Sunday 12th December in the back room of the church myself and four other ladies said yes to God’s call and the following week we started.We thought it was a one off visit but God had other plans. Contacts made before Christmas saw us back again and again on a regular basis.

You see we had met lonely, needy people whom God was giving us a heart and a love for. Five years later we are still going. Many have been touched by God’s love and have come into a real relationship with Him.

Since then we have come along side people with addictions, many of whom have been at the church at different events and we have seen God at work in their lives. We count it a honour and privilege to be part of the work of God in our land. We believe as a church, God is going to set many people free from all sorts of sicknesses, addictions, problems etc.

If you or someone you know would like a visit in our area, contact us via the information on our Contacts page.

We would love to help you practically and spiritually.

We are your servants for Christ’s sake.