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The work in Thailand is in the very north of the country and is different from the other homes.  In 2002, we met Mrs Wong a dear lady who twelve months earlier had lost her husband in a car accident.

She has four centres helping the tribal people in the mountain areas These people live in extreme poverty and have many problems including drug addiction and child abduction by the people running the vice trades in Bangkok.

She also has many churches which she runs by placing pastors in and visiting them herself on a regular basis.

What makes this all amazing is that Mrs. Wong is now in her mid seventies and is still working flat out.  Since we met her we have been supporting her every month and because of this she has been able to put some of her young people through bible school and give more help to the poor of the area.

Shortly after this we met a young lady called Patti Culpepper, she is from the USA and had previously worked in Chaing Mai but felt God calling her to help Mrs. Wong.  Before long she found herself with a shell of a building that Mrs Wong had in another remote village and a handful of children. 

Once again God challenged us to support her and through the years this is what we have done month by month. Patti has now transformed this old building into a beautiful childrens home and she is presently looking after 20 children with a vision to expand the work in the nearby town of Chiang Saen.

We are also providing a home and care for 60 children in the country of Burma.