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A place of the Word & Spirit

Pastor Bob worked as a farmer but devoted the most of

his time to the healing ministry.

The following are a few of the many miracles he saw.

A lady about five miles away was prayed for many times

and was in a coma and not expected to live, abut after prayer

 she sat up and felt well and is still alive today after thirty years.

Another family in South Armagh had a little girl with diarrhoea and doctors could not stop it.

A member of the church took Pastor Bob to the home and after prayer she was completely healed and the whole family started to come to church.

While in his home town of Keady, he was talking to a lady in through the window of her car, when he noticed a small boy in the other seat with a turn in his eye. He spoke to the mother about it and said it would be alright, praying to himself a silent prayer and pointing toward the child. His eye straightened immediately and his mother was amazed.

An accident happened and a neighbour stopped at the gate with his hand bleeding badly and wrapped in a towel. Pastor Bob laid hands on him and commanded the bleeding to stop, which it did immediately. This wound should have needed stitches but healed up without seeing a doctor.

A lady came to his house with a paralysed arm. Pastor Bob said, “when I pray you will lift that arm”, right away the woman lifted her arm and praised the Lord.

Another lady from across the border was married for many years and wanted a baby but this was impossible. After prayer this lady had a baby boy inside a year.

Miracles were the order of the day with Pastor Bob, praying for the sick over many years and seeing hundreds of people healed.

He carried on with this ministry until his death in May 1994. . .

                                                 By Tommy Bain.